Become a volunteer

Volunteering is not just a job done for the benefit of others. It is also a passion for action and investment in yourself. Anyone, who feels the need to do something useful for other people to gain valuable skills and experience, make new friends or just – to be needed, can become a volunteer. By becoming a volunteer you are helping not only us, but also yourself.

What can you give our Foundation?

First of all, your time, commitment and enthusiasm. We are especially interested in gathering passionate people – the enthusiasts of development and joint action for health, science and the environment. It is because of you, we can always take on new challenges, pursue new projects.

What out Foundation can give you ?

By becoming a volunteer, you provides for yourself the unique opportunity to gain the qualifications and skills that will pay off sometime in your life. Active, dynamic people who are not afraid of challenges and who find time to help others, are extremely valuable to future employers. Volunteering at the International Health and Science Foundation is:

  • the opportunity to gain experience in an international environment,
  • fascinating relationship,
  • innovative projects,
  • the joy and satisfaction of the co-working with others.

Join us!