The main areas of activities of the International Health and Science Foundation are:

  • the protection and promotion of health,
  • supporting research activities,
  • promoting and taking action to protect the environment.

The Foundation is thus an organization established with a view to achieving the objectives socially and economically useful. We implement them on the basis of activities such as :

  • initiating, promoting and supporting research and education and information programs
  • organizing and funding of conferences, lectures and talks on healthcare and natural medicine with representatives of the world of science
  • journalistic and informative activities by:

- publication of books, magazines and brochures;

- organization of fairs,

- other popularizing activities, including websites,

  • co-organizing and assistance to educational institutions,
  • promoting the use of renewable sources of energy and environmental solutions for the sake of the environment,
  • supporting all social actions, which are consistent with the objectives of the Foundation.

As the founders of the International Health and Science Foundation, we believe that the goals that we have set will find a broad understanding, recognition and support, which will make them successively implemented for the common good.