Man in pregnancy? Ciąż at Radio Krakow



Woman is obviously pregnant. Her belly is growing, and with it changes her appearance, her approach to herself and the world, moods, habits, and needs. Everyone knows and accepts the future mother and her feelings. And what about the man? Man in pregnancy – is it possible ?

Even in ancient times the couvade syndrome ( couvade ) was known, the co-occurrence of symptoms of pregnancy in both women and men. It turns out that men who are about to become fathers may feel almost all the pregnancy symptoms : nausea, insomnia, increased appetite, hormonal swings and weight gain. The phenomenon of couvade syndrome can affect as many as two of three men, usually occurs in very light form, and all its symptoms disappear after the birth of the child.

The issue of pregnant dad was discussed with Monika Szostek Kwapień – mum of 5-year old Hania, editor and co-founder of the projects for parents – ciąż and and Tomasz Tybon – dad of 2 -year-old Aleksander, an active supporter of parenting fathers.

You can listen to it here

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